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Multipanel VeturKit facade system

The VeturKit system is oriented to façade cladding, both for exteriors and interiors, providing optimal thermal transmittance and a wide range of finishes, always taking into account the speed and simplicity of installation to save time on site


Anchoring system with Hidden Aluminum profile

The starting point of the VeturKit system is simplicity, for this Multipanel has developed an anchoring system based on two main premises:

  • Ease of assembly: The simplicity of assembly of the VeturKit system is based on two types of profiles that make the connection between panels providing stability to the whole and ensuring sealing and thermal stability.

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  • Visual cleaning: With this system, in addition to saving time on site, great visual cleaning is achieved, minimizing the separation between panels.
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Thicknesses adapted to your needs

Multipanel offers different thicknesses of XPS to adapt to the desired thermal characteristics regardless of the material selected.

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