Panel FBR

Panel FBR

Facade cladding and rehabilitation

Mass colored fiber cement panels, easy to manipulate without losing color in cut or machined areas because the color is integrated into the material itself and not only on the surface. Available in a wide range of finishes and textures, differentiating between 2 main lines and the possibility of requesting it raw, without any type of coloring.

FBR TexturePosee un tacto rugoso, propio del fibrocemento sin pulir. Tiene una superficie con un delicado aspecto tramado, a base de unas finas lineas de lijado y minúsculas motas blancas. Se crean diferencias de tono entre placas debido a la base del material que lo dotan de un aspecto natural, intrínseco del material.
FBR Texture

It has a rough touch, typical of unpolished fiber cement. It has a surface with a delicate hatched appearance, based on fine sanding lines and tiny white specks. Tone differences are created between plates due to the base of the material giving it a natural, intrinsic appearance to the material.
FBR texture
FBR NaturalMuestra sutilmente la matriz pura del fibrocemento. Las ramificaciones cradas por las fibras vistas, junto con su suave tacto seda y color mate, le confieren una gran elegancia singula
FBR Natural

Subtly displays the pure fiber cement matrix. The ramifications created by the visible fibers, together with its soft silk touch and matt color, give it a great unique elegance.
FBR natural2
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